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Wildwood Alpacas


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Color : pink yellow green multi, orange blue stripe, orange with yellow checks, pink
Orange blue stripe

Orange with yellow checks

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Machine washable wool!

Hand knit wool cria sweaters

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Product Specs

  • Hand knit, one at a time
  • Machine washable wool
  • Zips up along spine
  • Allowance for male anatomy
  • Colors available - please state color desired or email for photos
  • Pink, yellow, green multi (large)
  • Orange with yellow checks
  • Pink (large)
  • Orange with blue stripe
  • Brown with tan stripe
  • Orange with small yellow stripe
  • White with black arms and hems
  • Blue with yellow and purple stripes
  • Royal blue with white stripe and arms
  • Yellow with purple trim on hems and arms

Product Description

Keep your newborn alpaca cria warm in a breathable wool sweater that doesn't restrict movement and has no velcro to snag fiber. Necks and arms to prevent loss of body heat.
These are hand knit of machine washable wool, with arms, neck and zippers. Armpits are one of the places that alpacas lose a lot of heat and most of the cria coats on the market do not add any extra protection for them.

For reference purposes, this reluctant model is two weeks old and weighs 20lbs.

The pink sweaters are longer and stretchier than the orange ones.